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Downhaul drops single ‘Notched’.

North Carolina emo band Downhaul have released a new single called ‘Notched’. This song caught my attention as ‘Notched’ is a refreshing change from other songs I have heard. I really like the lead vocals they are unique with a touch of gruffness. Then when the backing vocals come in with full gruffness, they instantly remind me of The Smith Street Band. Which is a great thing! Downhaul are releasing its debut full-length, ‘Before You Fall Asleep’ on March the 29th. I just read many of the lyrics of Downhauls songs and realised that the song does not just sound amazing but the lyrics are clever. Such as …..

“As you told me “it’s not healthy

To want only when we’re lonely

What you needed I just couldn’t be”

These lyrics really point out that it is certainly not a good sign of relationship if you only want someone when you feel lonely. ‘Notched’ certainly has a good meaningful message, it is not about the Notches on the bed that matters in life it is the happiness you can feel in a loving relationship. Check out Notched here. 


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