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Gabriel Kazz releases new single ‘Keep It Together’.

Gabriel Kazz hailing from Barcelona was brought up with two professional guitarists. His music is based around acoustic guitars but takes it beyond playing chords, like you will hear in his new song called ‘Keep It Together’. Gabriel moved to London in 2015 and released his debut EP called ‘Helium’ in 2017. He is currently working hard on new material that will be released late this year. Gabriel. like many of us has battled with depression and anxiety. ”Keep It Together” is a great song to listen to when you feel low. Meaning wise it is not a song that is demanding that you must keep it together and not fall apart but rather is a coaxing to. The song encourages you to keep on trying and to do it with a smile on your face. Played on a 12 string guitar the music is beautiful much like Gabriel’s vocals. This is a great song to have on a playlist that makes you feel better. I will add it to mine. Check out ‘Keep It Together’ here. 

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