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Cash Savage and The Last Drinks Brand New Clip ‘Found You’

“Good Citizens is a bold and astute album that thrives on its balance and range. It pulls on heartstrings as effectively as it raises questions and it thrillingly blends musicality with Savage’s emotionally and intellectually-based commentary.” Doubtful Sounds

With the current political climate in turmoil and our future left in the reckless hands of socially inept politicians, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks today deliver up their brand-new politically charged clip to single ‘Found You’, lifted from their 2018 fourth studio LP Good Citizens.

Cash explains the vision behind the single and the clip: I think the current political system is in a pretty awful place, and I’m not sure how we can get out of it, or what will be left if we do. But, through all of it, I know how much I love my wife and how lucky I am to have found her.

The idea for the clip came from seeing all the politicians holding hands at the G20 summit. It was originally tossed around as a cover idea for the album. All these monsters watching the world burn and actively fanning the flames then standing there and holding hands swinging their arms or waving or doing those poorly executed three people handshakes. Monsters, the lot of them, smiling for the camera. 

Good Citizens raises the stakes and signals the ascent of Cash Savage and the Last Drinks as one of the heavy hitters of Australian music’s new era. An incandescent live band at the height of their powers, led by their mighty frontwoman, whose potent lyrics and impassioned delivery articulate the personal-political issues of these times with all her heart, guts and grit.

Good Citizens out now on Mistletone via Inertia

Listen/buy here:

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks

 Tour Dates 2019

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