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Dande and The Lion release new single “STARDUST”

Captivating five-piece band, Dande and The Lion have released their otherworldly new single “Stardust”, accompanied by an innovative animated music video. The track, reminiscent of Purity Ring and The Preatures, leads the listener on a rollicking ride through the cosmos, embellished by enthralling harmonies and powerful production.

Lyrically, “Stardust” explores humanity’s significance in the universe, and our desire to explore and learn, adapt and evolve, appreciate and reflect, live with joy and die without fear, and through all of this, to connect with the universe. The accompanying music video, created by motion graphic artist Apattra Hongsuwong, is a visual journey through space, inspired by 80’s 2D cartoons.


Stardust came about, accidentally, while trying to play a David Bowie’s Heroes cover off the top of our heads,” said the band. “We started playing a few riffs and became really excited by the sounds that were emerging and became totally immersed in the feeling of what was happening. It sounded nothing like Heroes, so we dropped the cover and explored what was coming into existence. After the lyrics were written the title Stardust made even more sense, but it was only after the song was produced did it click: ‘Ziggy played guitar…’”


Previously making the top 5 in Triple J‘s Unearthed Indie Charts, the top 10 in the Overall Charts, and selling out Sydney’s acclaimed The Oxford Art Factory, the band was in high demand throughout 2018, playing over 40 shows across NSW and VIC.

Stardust is the first release from Dande and the Lion’s much anticipated EP (recorded and produced by Lachlan Mitchell), which promises to channel the electric live energy that is their trademark.

Praise for Dande and the Lion:

“With touchstones found in the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Middle Kids, The Preatures, Band of Skulls and Tame Impala, it’s no surprise that Dande and the Lion‘s releases stand as a killer combo of powerful melodies, delicate harmonies and eons of fun.”– HAPPY MAG​

“There’s something really hypnotic about this track from Sydney’s Dande and The Lion. Dreamy vocals with harmonies for days, this is the heartstrung piece of pop music we need right now. They had a busy back end of 2018, playing a bunch of shows up and down the East Coast, clearly in hot demand.” – Life Without Andy

“STARDUST” is available for purchase and stream on all platforms now!


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