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Forever X2 releases new single ‘God Don’t Want’.

“God Don’t Want” is the latest single from LA indie/alt outfit Forever X2. This is the moniker of songwriter & musician Peter Verdell. This song is from his debut EP that is out this spring (Autumn for us Aussies) “God Don’t Want”  is a super personal emotional song that I connected to on the first listen. Death is an inevitable for us all, but losing someone close just sucks. The song is written from the heart, with Peter telling his friend that God does not need them so why don’t they just stay here. Writing this review is actually quite hard, as each time I try and write about how I feel I get pretty sad. This song is best listened to in a reflective mood and I have listened with headphones laying on my bed. I can see this song being scored in many movies or tv shows to add to the emotion the scene is trying to set. Peter Verdell wants to “make music that both his modern brain and his teenage brain would be fucking psyched to hear on the radio” “God Don’t Want” can connect to any age and I strongly believe that “God Don’t Want”  should get air time. Check out “God Don’t Want”  below and see what you think. I am looking forward to hearing more from Forever X2.


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