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Common Jack releases new single ‘Canyons in the Dark’.

John Gardner is a Singer-songwriter from Brooklyn. He is certainly no new comer to the music industry, with Broadway experience, including touring and on this tour he gained valuable experience. When I first had a listen of his latest single ‘Canyons in the Dark’ I admired his vocal sound and the catchy guitar hooks. Parts of the song is a conversation he is having to himself as well as listeners. The lyrics are very clever and have a clear meaning. John is describing how it is possible to climb the Canyon of the pit of depression. The lyrics “There’s no other place to start, than hearing each other breathing, and climbing canyons in the dark” is discussing how having the support of others can really help. The song also asks the question “Have I always been naive? ” which could have many different interpretations. Common Jack is a genius in song writing and has incredible vocals to go with that. Check out ‘Canyons in the Dark’ here. 


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