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 East Harbor drops new single ‘R.W.I.B.’ (Right Where I Belong).


Florida Alternative band East Harbor have just released a new single called ‘R.W.I.B.’ (Right Where I Belong). Their previous releases have not been ambitious as this one and the band committed to writing and releasing songs with different exploration with relationships. They have already released ‘Lucid’ and now have released R.W.I.B. I love this quote from the band  “R.W.I.B. makes you want to buy a convertible and cruise down A1A on a hot, summertime day” – East Harbor. This sums up the song really well. Not only has the song a great meaning but it is extra super catchy and Josh Dobson’s vocals are uniquely great. The rule of the song is no stress is allowed. I like that! Being on vacation myself right now, I am keeping away from stress and chose to listen to music that relaxes me and ‘R.W.I.B.’  is one of them. 

Hit prediction AND ‘R.W.I.B.’ will put East Harbor in the spotlight. I really hope so! Take a listen here. 


 For fans of The 1975, Mutemath and Twenty One Pilots.

Band Members:

Josh Dobson – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Robby Staggs- Lead Guitar

Cory Kouns – Drums / Vocals

David Gonzales- Bass / Vocals

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