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Ellia Clarke releases new single ‘The Mirrored Glass’.

‘The Mirrored Glass’  is the latest track to be released by the amazing Ellia Clarke. With beautiful vocals and a song with meaning ‘The Mirrored Glass’ is well worth the time to listen. Ellia is a super multitasker, as ‘The Mirrored Glass’   as well as all her releases are written, recorded, produced and mixed entirely by Ellia herself in her home studio. It is impossible to listen to ‘The Mirrored Glass’  without having an emotional connection. The song has a dark meaning, exploring the transition after a break up from the depths of despair to coming out the other side, not healed but at least seeing the light. Adding to the well written lyrics are the vocal sound as the soulful vocals really turns emotions on even if you are not experiencing a break up. I look forward to what comes next for Ellia Clarke, with an EP out soon, we won’t have to wait long. Check out ‘The Mirrored Glass’  here. 





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