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TIMI TEMPLE releases new single called ‘No Where’

TIMI TEMPLE is a fully DIY artist. Everything he has done is fully his. I say artist as Timi is not just a musician but self produces his own videos, two of them were accepted on MTV (Australia). As a fellow Aussie I can say that we are lucky to have such a talented artist that is able to get his music out in the world. Genre wise he is a mystery but has been described as a blend of Electronic, Psychedelic and Indie Surf, needless to say his music is completely unique. Fans adore his quirky live shows and he has had sold out shows. I love the message of this song ‘No Where’ and now at my more mature years … I can sing this and mean it. It has a super catchy groove and a chorus to sing along to. I can imagine singing this at a live concert and the crowd singing along with all their lungs the chorus. I adore Timi’s vocals and I think you will too.

Check it out here. 


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