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Joegroovydude releases EP called ‘Fairshake’.

Joegroovydude has previous experience in the music industry starting back in the mid 80’s. The last band, called MLT broke up in ’93 and Joe formed Joegroovydude and recorded ‘Fairshake’ in the late ’90’s. As life tends to throw us curveballs, Joe was sidelined, that is until now. ‘Fairshake’ consists of 5 songs that do show off Joe’s vocals really well. The songs are relatable to me and the bass is amazing. Glad Joe took the bassists from his old band. After releasing this, I wonder what is next for Joe. IN the meantime you can listen to ‘Fairshake’ here. 

‘in the summertime’

Joe’s unique husky vocals are showcased in this song really well. The bass line is incredible. Makes me want to wipe the dust off mine and play along. Makes me also want the summer to return. 

‘its too good to be true’

This guitar riff driven song is a relatable, a song about feeling that when we are in a relationship there are many moments when we do consider whether it is too good to be true. Joe expresses his emotions in this song. I like it!


‘seasons will change’

This songs explores how things are always changing. While I listened I started thinking how fast the year goes and how much can change in a year. Quite a catchy tune with a great guitar solo. 


‘an honest man’

Musically this is my fav song off the EP. I adore the bass riff. A great song to dance madly to in a live setting. The last few seconds the music changes and I would have liked to hear more of that!


‘on my way’

Lyrically this is my fav song off the EP. Actually it is my fav overall. The music really flows and while listening to the lyrics I can imagine being there with Joe feeling the wind in my hair. 




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