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Ministry of Mars drop a catchy new single called ‘Recognise’.

Aussie indie pop/synth-pop electronic music duo Ministry of Mars have released a follow up single ‘Recognise’ after their debut single ‘Breaking Me ‘ late last year. The due consists of Alistair and Jon Marsden. I love their name and as I typed their last name I love it even more! Both of them have had solo success prior to Ministry of Mars. This is what they say about the song. 

Recognise’ was written and produce at Abbey Road Studies in London in January this year.  “Recognise was the first song we wrote during our writing session at Abbey Road Studios. Being in that particular environment to write and record was very inspiring and euphoric to produce the track. The night before our studio session we saw one of our major influences, The 1975, at the O2 arena. We wanted to emulate that feeling and level of production those guys have.”

I feel that there are certain aspects of ‘Recognise’ that have The 1975 signature sound. The catchy musical hooks and how well the song is produced. Why I choose this song to review was because it was contagious but it also stood out from the crowd. Easy to sing to and it made me feel good when singing a long to. ‘Recognise’ does have an emotional meaning as well, making the song have all the elements that I like. 

You can check out ‘Recognise’ here. 



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