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Laur Elle releases single ‘Just So You Know’

 Laur Elle grew up spending her time training as a National level gymnast so there was not much time to explore other things such as music. Starting by writing poetry, learning guitar and falling in love with songwriting. Studying to be a teacher she realised that was not for her, and after finishing that, Laur Elle is now following her life passion and is working on her first EP now. Laur Elle has just released a new single that caught my attention while listening to submissions. ‘Just So You Know’ is written from her personal experience after a breakup. The song highlights how hard it is but how rewarding it is to go from a toxic relationship to a place of strength. I have, like many others, have been there and done that so I connected to ‘Just So You Know’.  Laur Elle has a beautiful vocal sound and the ability to write relatable lyrics. Check out  ‘Just So You Know’ you won’t be disappointed! 




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