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Callum Pitt releases new single ‘ ‘Here If You Need’.

2019 is shaping up to be a huge year for Callum Pitt. With previous releases gaining media attention and radio play, Callum has now released a song that the world needs to hear. His new single ‘Here If You Need’  is the second release of his debut EP ‘Poisoned Reveries’. I love how Callum can write a song that explores the issue of mental health with clever and meaningful lyrics. The struggle with depression is slowly being discussed more and more. ‘Here If You Need takes it a step further by writing a song that is an open letter to a friend. Callum has had experience with friends that are struggling and he is encouraging them to talk to someone about it. Callum hopes that this song might help other people and I think that is not a possibility but a certainty. People who are feeling depressed do not need to be told to toughen up but rather a message saying ‘Hey do you need someone to listen?’. Take a listen here to ‘Here If You Need’ and you will feel the urge to send it to someone to help them. Well done Callum on an insightful message in a song. 

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