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Steady Cam releases single ‘Sublime Summer’.

LA rapper and singer Steady Cam is aiming to have people see how youth and depression can go hand in hand. His latest single called ‘Sublime Summer’ explores the concept of how young people can be depressed even when everything seems great around them. If you have not experienced depression then it is hard to understand if someone looks and acts happy but deep inside feels the depth of despair. I like ‘Sublime Summer’ not just because of the important message but the smoothness of the music and vocals. I adore the vocal sound. Steady Cam has had success as a you-tuber but now moves into the music industry with this relatable  song. A fresh start for him.  I hope that ‘Sublime Summer’ gets heard by the people who need to hear the message.  I look forward to hearing more music from Steady Cam.

Take a listen here to ‘Sublime Summer’. You won’t regret it. 




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