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Oliver Marson releases new single called ‘Cocaine Romance’.

London-based musician Oliver Marson has carved out his very own unique sound. With influences from The Smiths, Bowie, David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky have played a part in Olivers in his musical journey. Oliver’s first release called ‘Cocaine Romance’ is a solid song for a debut. It has more of a sound of a seasoned artist. My interest was piqued as being a teenager in the 80’s this general synth sound was what I loved. Add in Oliver’s distinct vocals and I knew I would want to share it. Of course with a title like ‘Cocaine Romance’ there is bound to be story behind it. Oliver tells us that:

 ‘Cocaine Romance’ was written when I was kind of in in a broken down state. My band at the time, Bahama Bleach had just gone their separate ways and I wanted to do something that was brash and a little bit distasteful. The song itself was written about a friend of mine who began dating a drug dealer. I was worried more than anything, but I guess I secretly just really liked her. I would sit at the desk of my mundane office job, listening to new wave bands from the 80s and imagine all the things she might have been getting up to in these dark and seedy worlds that don’t even exist.

A personal song from Oliver that we can relate to if we have someone we care about having a hard time with drugs. Take a listen here. 


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