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Thom Artway releases new single called ‘Chasing the Wires (feat. Lenny)’.

Thom Artway is no newcomer to success in the music industry. Back in 2015 his single ‘I Have No Inspiration’ became a hit in his home country of The Czech Republic. Then came more singles from his debut album ‘Hedgehog’ that one awards in the domestic Angel Awards in the Male Singer and the Discovery of the Year categories no less! His latest single ‘Chasing the Wires (feat. Lenny)’ from his new album called ‘All I Know’ is a real gem. The music video for this single was made in cooperation with YouTube for the release of the YouTube Music app in the Czech Republic. Thom has a very captivating voice that really drew me into listening to ‘Chasing the Wires’ quite a few times, even though I knew that I would share it after hearing his vocals. The addition of Lenny’s vocals makes a contrast that really showcases both of their vocal sound. Now I have found Thom Artway all the way in The Czech Republic, I plan to keep an eye on what he does next. In the meantime take a listen to ‘Chasing the Wires (feat. Lenny)’ here. 



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