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Drew Davies releases single ‘Living the Dream’

Yorkshireman Drew Davies is no newcomer to the music industry, in fact it is more like what has he not done in this industry! He has toured venues and festivals over the ten years as well as collaborating, writing for other artists and singing in sessional gigs. Drew has always focussed on writing songs that are meaningful and close to his heart. While writing his new single ‘Living the Dream’ he had had his fair share of toxic relationships so decided to throw himself into his music. I for one, are super glad he did as ‘Living the Dream’ is one hell of a song. Drew’s vocals are incredible, great sound and loads of variation. I can hear some of the 50’s rock he is influenced by in ‘Living the Dream’. What I like about ‘Living the Dream’ is when I first listened I knew it was not a predictable song as each change seemed to take a different direction than I thought it would. Take a listen here to see what I mean. 


Drew has also released his debut track ‘Man on the Run’. Take a listen here.

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