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Rees Finley releases new single ‘I Belong Beside You’.

Singer/Songwriter Rees Finley is based in LA and has just released his debut album  ‘A Tale Told By An Idiot’. What a great name! Rees first released music back in 2017 that was a range of 80’s style synthpop, to retro-motown funk to overdriven alt-rock. Interesting mix! 

Rees, while writing his latest single ‘I Belong Beside You’ to change up some of the cliches in our pop culture on love has written great lyrics such as:

If I told you that I needed you would you stay,
and forget the things our friends would say?
they tell you I’m no good for you
It’s a small town, and it’s hard to keep your head down
when you know that talk will get around.
you’re the only one who knows the truth”

‘I Belong Beside You’ also explores the true love story that movies really do shove down our throats all the time. This song mentions the idea of platonic love that is always present when we are in love’. ‘I Belong Beside You’ really showcases Rees’ great vocals and how he can write catchy, meaningful songs. Take a listen below, it is well worth it!

Rees Finlay will be supporting “A Tale Told By An Idiot” with east coast tour dates in July and August. More info on

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