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East of Zurich release single ‘Come and Find Me Now’.

Indie Pop band East of Zurich are an Australian 4 piece band that remind me of The Badloves with more driving guitars. They describe themselves as “love of music, craft beer and a desire to combine the two on a regular basis. Great choice of words! 

‘Come and Find Me Now’ is their lead single from their self-titled debut EP. This song really does sound like songs that we as Australian’s embrace as quintessentially Australian. This is true for both music and the vocal sound of Martin Brabec, who also is the lead guitarist and main song writer. ‘Come and Find Me Now’ takes a look at how we look back in the past and remember the good and bad times we had. There is a message that the future is ours for the taking and can make it a good one.  

Take a listen here. It is well worth it!



East of Zurich consista of Martin Brabec (guitar and lead vocals), David Simpfendorfer (bass and backing vocals), Nick Ng (keyboards and backing vocals) and Anthony Timbrell (drums and no vocals under any circumstances).


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