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Levi Lights On Project release new single called ‘Eyes Of A Child ‘.

Levi Lights On Project have released a deep and meaningful song called  ‘Eyes Of A Child’.  Levi Lights On Project began 18 months ago in Auckland. They are comprised of Levi of course, as well as Jason Slade on guitar/bass, Tim Shacklock on cello, Andrew Miller on saxophone and Igor Shnayderman on cajon/percussion.

 ‘Eyes Of A Child’ is hard to put into one genre and I think it is best not to think about that, rather to listen to the song with enjoyment. I really love Lev’s vocals. The music makes the song stand out as there are a few unusual instruments within. I do like the uniqueness of the music. 

Lyrically wise the ‘Eyes Of A Child ‘ has a pretty deep meaning. Levi wrote this track due to the way his daughter forgave him quickly when he missed her birthday. Children do have an incredible capacity to forgive. This is highlighted in the song and the message that as we get older we are less likely to forgive and forget. If we could just tap into the childhood capacity to forgive imagine the world we could have today! Check out ‘Eyes Of A Child ‘ here. 




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