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Flagship Romance release single called ‘Julie Wants To Go To War’.

Flagship Romance are a harmonic alt-folk duo made up of a husband and wife team who are best friends. They have been touring America in a well packed subaru since 2014 so they must be best friends not to get tired of each other! 

‘Julie Wants To Go To War’ was written in direct response to the US military banning transgender service members. This song explores one members story of wanting to continue a family legacy and fight to defend their country. ‘Julie Wants To Go To War’ has been played in Flagship Romance’s set list and have found that the song has been well received on both sides of politics. Flagship Romance are putting their money where their mouth is and to quote them “100% of the streaming royalties from this song will benefit the Trevor Project, an organization that provides counseling/support services for at-risk youth + teens in the LGBTQ+ community.” Great idea!

‘Julie Wants To Go To War’ is a song that needs to be heard in our world that has a long way to go in not discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community. Check out ‘Julie Wants To Go To War’ here. 

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