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The Response releases new single called ‘Tallest Walls’.


New Zealanders The Response are an excellent example of indie pop at it’s finest. Andy and Vic Knopp AKA The Response have a great reputation in regard to their live shows and have supported many international acts. They spent 2 years in Canada finding the sound that they wanted, then returned to New Zealand to hone in on that sound. With their DIY way they have released a new single called ‘Tallest Walls’ including the production of the animated music video that was done on their kitchen table. ‘Tallest Walls’ is the first single from their anticipated album called ‘Escaping This Cold Rotation’. ‘Tallest Walls’ start off with a contagious beat and then we hear the smooth vocals that demand attention. I love how the song makes me feel, which is great! The song takes us on a journey based on the animated character in the music video who just keeps going no matter what life throws at him. Take a listen here to ‘Tallest Walls’.


Andy Knopp elaborates; “This song follows a character who wakes up to a whole life of infinite possibilities before them. Reality deals them some blows but they keep going despite the difficulties. They know it won’t last but that’s not the point. It’s about enjoying the good things while you have them.”

Vic Knopp states; “My favourite lyric in this song is ‘When morning calls the tallest walls fall in this world of mine.’ To me, this refers to the ‘walls’ that you put up to protect yourself from the bad what-if’s, as well as the ideas of success that can be so easily snatched or destroyed.”

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