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We are proud to premiere Strangers by Accident’s song ‘Clean’.

Music Injection Aus is super happy to be premiering Strangers by Accident new single called ‘Clean’. Strangers by Accident have already released two EP’s (Strangers by Accident, 2016, and Reckless, 2017). Brian Sousa and Amy Wyn Doran, who met via Craigslist in 2014 clicked and started making music together. Now they have released ‘Clean’ that explores the struggles of people who have an addiction. ‘Clean’ starts with a gentle acoustic part, then builds up with drums and electric guitar, then an outburst of indie music, then the finish is quieter again. This changing of the sonic landscape really suits and highlights the meaning of the song. There is a clear sense of the struggle that one would feel with an addiction. Brian and Amy’s vocals are beautiful together and apart. A very well written song both musically and lyrically. I encourage you to listen here. 


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