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We are proud to premiere Cash and the WhiteLinez new music video ‘This Way to America’.

I love satire in all forms. When I heard and saw Cash and the WhiteLinez’s music video for ‘This Way to America’ I was impressed by the way it got me thinking about American society. As an Australian looking from the outside it seems that most of the news out of America is either shocking gun violence or something that Donald Trump says, like how there were airports back in the 1700’s. So I was happy to be asked to premiere this satire music video. 

Rockers Cash and the WhiteLinez was started by DJ Cash aka . Their sound is influenced by one of my fav bands Joy Division. Francesco Civetta was born and raised in NYC and started DJ’ing when he was 17. ‘This Way to America’ is his satirical expression of the current pop culture in America. Everybody seems to have the desire to be a star, a popular figure. The music video was directed by Francesco Civetta’s brother and has snippets of public domain footage of current news stories and tragedies that demonstrate how American society actually is like, in turmoil. I really like the artist value to the song and video. Of course I love the sound of the song as well, Vocals are great as well as the beat. Take a look here. 

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