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Dance Yourself Clean drop single ‘Waste My Time (Feat. THE FAME RIOT).

US indie dance party Dance Yourself Clean have thrown themselves full heartedly into the music industry. Producing for other artists, a national tour and starting a record label Lights & Music Collective has kept them super busy. Now they have decided to release their own music and boy is it good! The first single called ‘Waste My Time’ and they collaborated with The Fame Riot also from Seattle. ‘Waste My Time’ is a super catchy tune that really made me want to dance. Not just a great song to dance to but it has a relatable meaning. It makes you consider what you would have liked to say to someone when someone breaks a relationship off suddenly. Words that come from the turmoil of emotions felt. The vocal sound is wonderful and adds to the appeal of the song. This is a song to check out right now and you can do that here.

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