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Dorm Patrol release new single called ‘Knocked Out’.

Pop Punkers Dorm Patrol sound is very much like my fav bands that I often mention as I now them all personally, Zebrahead, Bowling for Soup and MXPX. Dorm Patrol are from the tiny town of Strömstad in Sweden. Made up of singer and guitar-player Max Dahlby, guitarist Johan Olsson, bassist Anton Hognert and Sondre Paulsen on the drums Dorm Patrol have a seriously great pop punk sound. They have also opened for my friends All Time Low and Sum 41! One day I must met Dawn Patrol to add them to the list of bands I have met and/or interviewed. OK…. so on to reviewing their latest song called ‘Knocked Out’. When I first heard it I did think of the bands above. I listened for a few times and knew that ‘Knocked Out’ needed to be shared. I can imagine this song being played live and the craziness in the mosh pit. ‘Knocked Out’ has a good vocal hook and I really love Max’s vocals, they are clear yet still have the pop punk vibe. ‘Knocked Out’ is their last release of the upcoming EP called ‘Back To Basics’. I have shared the EP below because if you like ‘Knocked Out’ then you will love the other songs. Check out Dorm Patrol’s pop punk offering here. Best listened to with Pizza after a skating session. 




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