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RUSTY SHIPP release single ‘Breaking Waves’.

Grunge-rockers Rusty Shipp released their debut album ‘Mortal Ghost’ back in 2017 and now have returned with a new single called ‘Breaking Waves’. They have a bigger line up now that has added depth to the sound. Their new single explores the war occurring between nature and technology and their new album has the theme of sea mine terrorism.

Frontman Russ T. Shipp explains ” Lyrically it’s more philosophical and describes the battle between technology and nature in a tortoise-and-the-hare-like metaphor where mankind’s mightiest technology won’t stand a chance in the long run against the simple, steady erosion of the ocean’s immortal waves (ie, nature) breaking it down. I think that’s for the best, and humanity is better off not waiting for centuries of erosion before it’s returned to what’s immaterial and most important – its soul.”

Calling their sound ‘nautical rock n’ roll’ and based on how technology is fast rising but nature is going to be around forever in some form of another. Makes sense to me. Nature processes such as waves and erosion will keep on for eternity. 

‘Breaking Waves’ is catchy rock tune with a definite pop tinge plus touches of Nirvana as well. This song and it’s music video is a must to check out. The video is engaging and well done. It will be stuck in your head but in a totally good way. Check it out here. 



Find Rusty Shipp at

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