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Girl Wilde releases new single ‘I Don’t Wanna Die,’.

Pop Rocker Girl Wilde has the most unique and quirky vocal sound around in music today. She knows how to use her vocals to maintain interest in songs as well as send the message that she wants to convey. Girl Wilde is the moniker of artist Alex Barnes who has an extensive history writing songs for others. Now she has her very own style of music, in fact she made up a name for her genre called ‘bubblegum grunge.’ The Girl Wilde project was started so she could not be held back by having to fit into a certain genre. By having a project she was able to create music true to herself and music I very much enjoy. I do believe many others would too so I encourage you to listen to her new single called ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’. It has a touch of glam-rock and electro-pop melodies to add to the uniqueness as well. You can take a listen here. 


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