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Ryan Rickenbach releases new single called ‘Adelaide’.

Ryan Rickenbach is an amazing  artist that has written a song called ‘Adelaide’.  This song is different from his normal sound. The meaning of ‘Adelaide’ is a story of a sad influential accident of a dear friend who had made a life changing decision to quit his job, cash in his retirement and took off on a journey across America. Tragically he was killed in a car accident. Ryan wrote ‘Adelaide’ as a way of working through his grief of losing such a loyal friend. I can’t imagine the pain Ryan must have felt, and still feeling but ‘Adelaide gives us an insight of his grief. The music video is the scenic route that his friend took in his last few days. Watching this and listening brought tears to my eyes yet a sense of acknowledging the mystery of our existence.  With a gentle start and the beautiful vocals of Ryan that drew me in to really connect to this song

‘Adelaide’ is a thought provoking song of grief and a life lost. Check it out here. 




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