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We are pleased to premiere Chonna Cristelle’s latest single called ‘Huff’

Chonna Cristelle and I have a few important thing in common, She wants to make sure that other express and share their deepest thoughts instead of hiding them away. I agree! As well as this we both agree that mental health needs to talked about, to shared. One difference between us is Chonna has a beautiful singing voice but I can write about it. Earlier in her life she had a dream of being a singer but sadly she was too shy. After taking some wrong turns in her life, thinking she was being true to herself realised that she was not. Now she has decided to write about her experiences in her youth and has certainly done this in her new song called ‘Huff’. This song does express her inner thoughts and the intimate feelings is shared, just like her two goals that I mentioned at the start of my review. I feel ‘Huff’ will be connectable to all as I don’t think anyone had a perfect childhood, just some more perfect than others. ‘Huff’ is a ballad that really showcases Chonna’s vocals and the impact of her stop and start style of vocals adds to the heartfelt ballad. Exposing our emotions to the world is hard and Chonna has taken the step in this amazing ballad. ‘Huff’ is a song best listened to in an introspective mood and I hope that it can be cathartic for listeners like it must have been for Chonna. 

Premiering her single ‘Huff’ was an easy choice due to the marvellous vocal sound and the pure honesty of the song that will connect to so many people. Take a listen here. 



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