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A Rare Moment With Danny Wimmer At Welcome to Rockville.

Every opening day of Welcome to Rockville, Danny Wimmer, the head of DWP ( Danny Wimmer Presents) can be seen riding his bicycle to the front gates to have a look at the crowd.  This kind of pride is what has made him so successful.  Since 1993, Mr. Wimmer has been producing shows.  According to the DWP website, there was over 700,000 in attendance in 2017.  It has not been without a bit of controversy.  In 2018, DWP and AEG Presents parted ways on festivals previously produced cooperatively by both groups, ending their working relationship, killing the Carolina Rebellion, Rock on the Range and Northern Invasion festivals. What actually went on is still being debated.  Today however, this was not on his mind.  He was kind enough to give me a quick sit down to talk about himself and his dedication to family. What impresses me the most bout him is how warm he is and how he has such a great energy around him.

Watch the video here:

“So you’re the ringmaster of this madness?”

“Something like that.  Here in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.”

“It’s my hometown as well.  It’s why I have a special place in my heart for you and your family.”

He introduces me to his son.

“This is Jack, Say hi Jack.”

He has been producing Welcome to Rockville for nine years.  We are getting old.  I asked him what it felt like to be in the business for so long.  With a huge smile, “Terrific.  I was just telling, the new hire.  He’s a superstar in the company, my story, my history in this town and how I got to Los Angeles.  We’re in the major leagues and we are going to stay in the major leagues, but you can’t drink your own Kool Aid and keep moving forward. ”

Sharing this with his son is very important to him.  “ My Dad got me into the business, but it is really special.  My daughter, she graduates from college in one month, or she’d be here, but she’s going to law school.  Maybe she will be my lawyer.  I feel good having my son with me.  I can see myself, like how I followed my Dad into the business.”

I asked about his dedication to riding the bicycle.  “ I try to promote staying off the carts, exercise, and be healthy.  We are very active at home.  It’s a lifestyle and it’s a good message to send to the staff.  I just don’t want to be that promoter guy on the cart.  I just like riding my bike.  I can sneak up on them. ” (Laughs heartily)

It remains to be seen just how big DWP can grow, but he is certainly well on his way to leaving a legacy for his children and he is proud to do it.

While he isn’t going to push Jack to take over, he suggested that “Jack is going to change it to JWP.”

Jack, who has plenty of time to decide, said “probably not.  He has a few years to rethink it.

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