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Annie Green releases new single called ‘In Our Eyes’.

Annie Green was 11 when she started singing but it was not until High School Musical came along when she realised that she could actually do it well. Around 3 years ago Annie started writing songs and already has the ability to produce meaningful and relatable lyrics. Her latest release is called ‘In Our Eyes’, her second song that started off sounding really happy but when she added in the lyrics that changed. ‘In Our Eyes’ explores two people with commitment issues who despite this are giving their relationship their best shot. The song looks at how in the quiet of the middle of the night is when “Sound of love is in our eyes” and there are no distractions. ‘In Our Eyes’ is relatable to many. Annie has a beautiful vocal sound and emotion can be felt when listening. Her vocals really make the song catchy in a good way. ‘In Our Eyes’ is a song I am adding to my car playlist. It really is worth a listen and you can do so here. 


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