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Ay Wing x Chuuwee x Shuko release single ‘Orange Dreamer’.

Ay Wing is a Swiss songwriter who writes music to entrance her audience. Her sound is electronica with “retro synths, bouncy guitar riffs and dirty beats‘ and well as an “unique blend of jazz, 60’s quirky music sounds and R&B” I used the press release to quote this due to the dazzling amount of different sounds. ‘Orange Dreamer’  her latest single that was written during a hard time in her life and trying to find her way back to feeling herself. I can totally relate to that. Adding other artists to the song, Chuuwee and Shuko have added different elements to the song that I think makes the song far more special. Chuuwee adds rap to the song and Shuko adds to the positive side of the song. With ‘Orange Dreamer’ in it’s first week of release taking the top spot of Submithub means that it has already impressed people and I hope this continues. Take a listen here. 


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