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Lily Denning releases new single called “Me, Myself & I “.

“Me, Myself & I ” is Lily Denning’s second single following Armageddon‘.The track was written by Denning with Nick Atkinson & Edd Holloway (Lewis Capaldi). I was entranced but the song as soon as I heard it because of the insanely great vocals of Lily. The meaning too is such a good one that so many people need to hear and connect to. 

Lily says: “Me, Myself & I is about relying on myself as opposed to someone else for validation. It’s about learning to love your own company whilst shutting down the presumption that you would rather be with someone else than being on your own.”

This meaning of learning to love being by yourself is a good one. So many people feel they need someone else to complete themselves but I have learnt that it is possible to be comfortable being on your own. ‘Me, Myself & I’ has a great accompany video with it that highlights it’s meaning and is enjoyable to watch. Check it out here. 

Connect with Lily Denning:

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