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Simon D James releases new single called ‘Over & Over’.

Artist Simon D James has been releasing music from his second EP called ‘Days of Heaven’ every fortnight since August the 9th. The song released on the 23rd of August is called ‘Over & Over’. This song caught my attention due to the catchy nature of the music and the incredible vocal sound of Simon. Writing music from the age of 16 and busking his way around the world has laid the foundation for his great sound. ‘Over & Over’ is a must listen to. I really love how the song has the repeating sound of something being played over and over but in a way that I would never tire of it.  As Simon says (No pun meant!) ‘Over & Over’ is his best song to date. Take a listen here, you will not regret it. 


9th August ‘Release & Repeat’

23rd August ‘Over & Over’

6th September ‘Written By Rules’

20th September ‘The Rhyme & the Reason’

4th October ‘Fooled By You’



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