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Dream Dali release new single called ‘Little Lights’.

Enimagtic surrealists Dream Dali have today announced their new single Little Lights, a reverberous, tumbling trip into darkwave, set for release tomorrow.  To accompany the track, the group, comprising of three mysterious musicians whose collective experience has seen them gracing hallowed stages at CoachellaPrimavera, SXSW and more, have also announced a spectacular video, constructed from dada footage by the group and synced perfectly to the music as a harmonious sound and surreal visual experience.  

Dream Dali tell Jen their Top 5 Albums of all time.

1. Neu! – Neu!

New! are a german band from the early 1970’s who’s members went on to form Kraftwerk. This album is what I thought music from the 70’s should sound like. It’s a journey and experience in sounds and melodies that would take you to many places with mushrooms, or without. Their sound has been very influential on me as a musician, and many others, in creating an identifiable sound that paces through a sonic landscape 

2. In Rainbows – Radiohead

This album by Radiohead is underrated in their catalogue. I still think “OK Computer” hit something magical, but I really find this album has some magical moments of vulnerability and emotional depth. Radiohead seem to always make something fresh sounding and current, with interesting sounds tied in with a solid song writer.

3. Strange Days – The Doors

The Doors can make you feel like you are in a drunken haze or falling into a spiritual cavern. Strange Days goes to all these places with classic songs like “Love Me Two Times”, “Strange Days” to dreamy ballads of “Moonlight drive” to it’s epic ending track of “When the Music’s Over” it’s a journey to many dark places and emotions.

4. Disintegration – The Cure

It’s hard to pick a best “The Cure” album, as they have some very different sounding albums that can go very poppy, but at the moment I am really resonating with “Disintegration”. It’s a good balance of dreamy, dark and strong songwriting that makes the whole album a great listen from start to finish. I love the chorus bass, reverbed drums and Robert Smith’s immediately identifiable voice. The Cure are a band that have made their own sound and audience which I think is the greatest thing you can hope for as an artist.

5. The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground

Much like “The Doors”, “The Velvet Underground” paved a uniquely dark sound in the happy sun kissed flower sound of the 60’s. I like they explored a different angle of experimentation and sound and this album is a classic. “Venus In Furs” is the highlight track for me. I love it’s droning texture and trance like beat that takes you to a place that is opening and questioning. 




Little Lights feels simultaneously nostaligic, nodding to The Cure and The Doors, while also undeniably modern, evoking a darker version of Tame Impala and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.  Hypnotic, trance-like and moody, Little Lights is driving, soaked with defined vocal melodies and a dark, melancholic feel, as lead vocalist Aldous Emerson explains, Little Lights comes from a personal experience in dealing with a challenging and dark time with a relationship.  Lots of allegedly supernatural things were happening that caused a lot of issues with anxiety and trauma, but I always had hope.  The Little Lights are the hope.”

The clip for Little Lights pays homage to the groups’ namesake Salvador Dali, with its use of found Dadaist clips to reflect the eerie, supernatural vibe of the song.  The flashing lights and spooky, strange, out-of-context footage work seamlessly with the music and complement the mood perfectly, as Aldous says, “The dada footage seemed to work well with the song’s theme and Dream Dali’s aesthetic.  We like how surrealism explores subconscious thought and deep emotions that can sometimes seem dark, but when looking into them can actually cause healing, especially with the expression of art and music.  We gather and create a lot of the black and white surrealist art and visuals that you can see at our shows.  We have synchronized footage and lights to try to create an atmosphere and feeling.”

No strangers to the stage, Dream Dali have some impressive runs on the board as individual musicians, playing for artists such as Vera Blue, Daniel Johns, Kite String Tangle and Miami Horror, and supporting the likes of PhoenixWashed Out and Empire of the Sun.  Their upcoming show at Greaser Bar on September 4 for the Library Group Records BIGSOUND party is set to be a transcendent experience for all the senses, as Aldous describes, For this show we will have our synchronised black and white surreal footage and lights, along with a set of dreamy, but energetic songs.  We hope to take you on a journey to a cave to see your spirit animal.” 

Dream Dali is Aldous Emerson (lead vocals and guitar), Rene Huxley (key bass and keys) and William Hobbes (drums).

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