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Nicklas Sahl releases new single called ‘Four Walls’.

Nicklas Sahl, a 22-year-old Danish singer-songwriter has been drawn to music at the age of 4 when he stole his sisters plastic toy guitar. Fast forward 18 years and his music has made a mark already. His first EP ‘Planets had 28 million plus streams on Spotify. His song ‘Hero’ was named Single of the Week on Danish national radio, and he appeared on The X Factor and breakfast TV that added to his professional profile. Nicklas Sahl has just released a new single called ‘Four Walls’. 

This song is super catchy and tells a story, inside the four walls there is a safe place. ‘Four Walls’ is a real showcase for his beautiful vocals. Nicklas’ ability to express himself through music is admirable. His music is honest and he states:

“If I wanted to tell people who I was as a person, I’d play them a song of mine. I felt like that was the way I could express myself, especially when I was younger. I was really shy and quiet. With my music I had this confidence, and that’s still the case now. That’s why I’m really comfortable with playing because that’s where I show people the real me.”

Nicklas Sahl has what it takes to do well in the music industry. Take a listen to ‘Four Walls’ to see if you agree.




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