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Jonathan Roy releases new single called ‘Keeping Me Alive’.

Jonathan Roy draws inspiration from the world around him. Whether it is his travels, the world around him or something random his music can’t be defined by one genre alone. Leaving his comfort zone and living in a van he left Quebec to go and live in Malibu. This lone life and living by the beach has brought his creativity to life. ‘Keeping Me Alive’ was the first song he wrote with Brian Howes (Mother Mother / Boys Like Girls) and Jay Van Poederooyen (Faber Drive / Airbourne), his new collaborators.

Jonathon says this about his time in Malibu. “I would say that this entire experience has cemented my faith in music. The healing power of it, and the need for me to do this my entire life. There is nothing else I want, or would be able to do now.” 

‘Keeping Me Alive’ is a real showcase for Jonathons amazing vocals. Strong and full of emotion. The lyrics are pure genius and very relatable. A hit prediction from me for sure. Take a listen here. 

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