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Honors release new single called ‘Automatic’.

Alternative R&B four-piece R&B and made up of multi-instrumentalists, writers and producers. Their debut single ‘Over’ achieved over 20 million streams on Spotify and on the Global Viral Chart reached number 1. It is hard to place ‘Automatic’ in one genre but I guess indie pop or alt rock would be the closest. Not that it matters as once you start to play ‘Automatic’ you will be enjoying the powerful beat and the vocals will stay with you for quite a while. The song is explores how we, on a day to day tend to over think things, I for one can spiral from overthinking. Honors explain to us that music can make our mood change and assist us to living life to the full. I really love the vocals and lyrics of ‘Automatic’, I find them encouraging and they can change my negative thought process so that is pretty cool. With ‘Automatic’s’ intense beat and vocal variation you will be mesmerised like I am. Take a listen here.  


On the track Honors dive in and explain, “We overthink things, often to our own detriment and emotional torture. Music touches on something primal that makes you want to move, makes you want to chant, makes you want to fuck, and connects us back to the fact that we’re animals. Living and loving fearlessly should be instinctual and automatic.” 

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