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Kristopher James releases new single “Too Soon, Too Late”.

Kristopher James loved making mixed tapes from an eclectic range of music since an early age. Filling composition books with personal poetry, improvised lyrics, and dream-like short stories, his path as a song writer was destined. After finding the drums and teaching himself them as well as the guitar and piano, he taught himself to sing. After Kristopher became a father he wrote his first song that helped release the music creativity within. He has just release a second track called “Too Soon, Too Late” from his latest album “Kindness Never Quits”. I was enjoying the start of the song then when Kristopher sang just with gentle guitar, I fell in love with his vocals. The sound of the song reminded of the sound The Badloves that I loved back in the 90’s.  That is a high compliment from me! “Too Soon, Too Late” explores when love happens to soon so we are not ready, but then other times it we miss it. I really enjoy listening to Kristopher James and I have added the link to the rest of his album as it is totally worth listening to. 

For those keen to listen to their album you can do so here.

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