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Slow Jack and Tatenda wekwaTenzi release empowering collab called ‘Wolf at Night’.

Slow Jack and Tatenda wekwaTenzi have collaborated on one of the songs of 2019 that makes me really connect at it on a deep level. I feel that this song was written for me. I love that! This is Slow Jack’s and Tatenda wekwaTenzi’s first collab that I hope is not their last. Both artists live in Cape Town, South Africa and have a Heritage of Queendom campaign promoting talented female artists from Southern Africa. Some of the song is in Tatenda’s native language that adds to the depth of the song. Best listened to at loud volume or with headphones to pick up the unique African sounds. 

‘Wolf at Night’ is a female-empowering anthem incorporating being ” fierce and assertive like ‘a wolf at night,’ with the unrelenting determination of being ‘a woman on a roll.’”. This meaning is relatable to all women I think. Adding on to the meaning is the fact that it is so enjoyable to listen to. The vocals are incredible and the African music really does make the song stand out. I highly recommend ‘Wolf at Night’ be added to your fav playlist right now, just like I am doing!




Shona lyrics were written by Tatenda wekwaTenzi, and the English lyrics were written by Hannes Muller (Slow Jack) and Andrew McDermott (Various Roots) as an ode to the power & unstoppable life-force of their female partners. My husband and I have been traveling abroad for the last 5 years. We’ve learned about all kinds of incredible art, fashion, music, and creations all around the world and have been sharing those with our Instagram audiences (40k combined) to much fanfare, as the work deserves it.

We started to take this a step further by creating two purpose-driven clothing brands where we give away all profits with specific missions in mind.

One gives all funds to, and with the other brand, Various Roots – our mission is to produce socially conscious works of art created by artists from around the world to promote diversity and inclusion in mainstream (western) media. We want to play a role in breaking stereotypes to fight bigotry and increase openness.

Here’s a recently released a video covering our 2019 “Heritage of Queendom” projects:

Project Video:

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