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The Man Who have released new single called ‘Down’.

 The Man Who have just released a gem of a single called ‘Down’. A super catchy song from the three piece band now based in Toronto. Cousins David and Chad Walsh started making music together although they were more than 2,000 miles away using today’s technology. Adding drummer Frank Goerz their amazing music got them signed to Virgin Records. The band say about themselves:
“Something comparable to our earlier music, but with just enough of something new.  “Down” can be interpreted so many different ways that we like to leave it up to you, the listener, to interpret how you best see fit.

As a band, our three personalities are so different – but in the best way possible. We all balance each other out. We can spend countless hours in some tiny rehearsal space or bedroom, just running ideas, trying things out, seeing what’s possible with the music. It’s more fun than anything else in the world.”
What I say about their music is that I can’t get enough of it. ‘Down’ has an interesting start musically and when the vocals start they have a rhythm that caught my interest that never wavered throughout the song. Vocal sound is amazing! ‘Down’ is a must listen to and you can do so here. 
Check out the EP here

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