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Tyler Shamy releases new single ‘Nostalgia’.

Tyler Shamy is a busy man! This singer songwriter that is based in Los Angeles has written songs like Space Between for Disney’s Descendants 2 sung by Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson that stayed in the top 100 on iTunes and the track went Gold. With many songs also appearing in shows such as Shameless and 100’s more he also has written many other international songs for J-Pop, K-Pop, and European artists with releases on SM, Warner, Avex, Universal, Disney, Ultra, and more. I seriously do not have the space to tell you all Tyler’s achievements but let me tell you, they are impressive! 

Tyler Shamy has released a catchy single called ‘Nostalgia’. This song exposes Tylers incredible vocal sound that engaged me throughout the song. ‘Nostalgia’ caught my attention as it is a unique sounding song. Tyler tells us that he often looks back into the past, longing for it. Even though he is happy with life now, the past keeps popping back into his head. Tyler wrote this song to make it clear that there is no place for nostalgia in his life right now. He wants to look towards the future. I can really relate to this as I tend to want to relive the past. Take a listen to ‘Nostalgia’ here and listen right to the end as I like the way the song abruptly ends.  


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