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Coastal Clouds release new single called ‘Easy Train’.

Coastal Clouds is the musical alter ego of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Roberto Rodriguez. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Robert moved to Orlando, Florida with his family when he was 11. Coastal Clouds have just released a debut self titled album and the second release is called ‘Easy Train’. This song is a super laid back song that could be used for relaxation while laying in bed or even better in a hammock. I was drawn to this song due to the lovely vocals and the way it made me relax. Meaning wise, it is an exploration on how easy we had it when we were kids before reality of life set in as we grew up. ‘Easy Train’ also looks at the way our stress levels change depending on our life circumstances. Take a listen to this incredible tune called ‘Easy Train’ here. 



Coastal Clouds will be playing MONDO festival at NYC’s Arlene’s Grocery Thursday, Oct 17, McMenamins White Eagle in Portland, OR on Wednesday, Oct 30 and Central Station in Seattle, Washington on Saturday Nov 30 . Stay tuned for more tour dates. 





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