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One Light releases new single ‘Edge of a Knife’.

Photographer : Therese Bruno Romell

One Light are a band originating from Helsingborg, a southern town advertised as “The friendliest city in Sweden”. Eddie Zetterberg (keyboard) explains the meaning behind the bands name. The name ”One Light” refers to that little piece of belief that never leaves you. A feeling of freedom and hope when you need it the most, something that still throws a spark in your deepest dark.” I think that is a great name for a band. An inspirational name to keep hope alive. Their latest single ‘Edge of a Knife’ is from their self titled album due out later this year. ‘Edge of a Knife’ has meaningful lyrics that are sung with emotion by vocalist Linus Karlsson who has an amazing vocal sound. The song builds up to an epic song that is easily sung and sung loud. I really enjoyed listening to the song get higher and higher while I learnt the lyrics to sing along. Take a listen to ‘Edge of a Knife’ here.

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