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Margot Polo releases new single ‘Poison’.

Margot Polo is the solo project of Californian David Provenzano (Sherwood/Fialta). He has just released a 5 track new EP called OOHYEAHYEAH that has a theme of escapism. Included in this theme is his latest single called ‘Poison’. This electro-pop single caught my attention because of the amazing vocal sound and the unusual electro music sounds that create a brilliant sound scape.

‘Poison’ just like the rest of the EP (that you can hear below) is about the many different ways that people try to escape from their reality. Some ways are unhealthy, like substance abuse and some can be healthy. Margot Polo has had a successful year in 2019 as songs have landed shows on Good Trouble (Freeform)and God Friended Me (CBS) and have had over half a million streams on Spotify and still growing!

Some other great news for fans as Margot Polo is back in the studio to record a full length album due out on 2020. Meanwhile take a listen to ‘Poison’ here.


You can listen to the full OOHYEAHYEAH EP here. 


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