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Vossae releases new single called ‘Do That For Me’.

Florida based producer/vocalist duo Vossae consists of Victoria Vera and Trace Barfield. They are on a mission to make a extensive difference in this world through their creations. Both want to create their music, visuals, message, and vibe into a mix of Love, Respect, Understanding, and Compassion. This is something that I can get behind and exactly what the world needs right now. Their sound fits into many genres in order to reach as many people as their can with their message of unconditional love. Their single ‘Do That For Me’ was written while in an aeroplane at 35,000 feet.The message is to be inspired and “DREAM BIG, THINK LOUD AND STEP STRONG”. Take a listen to this interesting and engaging single called ‘Do That For Me’ here. – website – instagram – SoundCloud

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