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Silque releases new single called ‘Venus’.

Silque are an alt rock band from Denmark who have been on an introspective journey since their EP Red/Blue and are now back with a different musical style. Their upcoming album called Odyssey, is a fitting title from their inward journey. Silque’s new sound has a sense of euphoria that you can hear in their new single called ‘Venus’. This song is about realising that you are in a place outside of concept of time and place and in your head your are in a new planet, one of happiness as those pesky every day annoyances can not reach us. Sounds great to me! The song begs you to immerse yourself in the bliss. 

Silque states that “Venus is an invitation to close your eyes and get carried by impulse into a collective state of bliss and communion. This timeless state can’t be interrupted by any outside sources and you can stay there for as long as you like. The only thing you have to do to get there is to say yes.”  

‘Venus’ is a great song to put your noise cancelling headphones on, lay back on the bed and let your mind wander and enjoy. Take a listen here. 


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