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Alae release new single called ‘Hit Me Where It Hurts’.

Alae are an up and coming band from New Zealand. Consisting of multi-instrumentalists Alex Farrell-Davey and Allister Meffan, drummer Jayden Lee and bassist Marika Hodgson who all pitch in to make their unique Indie pop sound. They have just released a real gem of a song called ‘Hit Me Where Hurts’. The song is about an unrequited love and the pain that causes. The music video is amazing, it consists of the top 5 of New Zealand’s best music video directors Chris Graham, Greg Page, Alexander Gander, Charlotte Evans and Petra Cibilich who had one minute each of the video to create. The scenes were chosen out of a hat. The end product is an amazingly good video that connects with the song and uses some excellent imagery. I adore the vocal sound and the cleverly written meaningful lyrics that left me with an ache in my heart. Take a listen to ‘Hit Me Where Hurts’ here. 



Alae  Spotify





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