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Josh Tobias releases new single called ‘Like Yourself ‘.

New York’s Josh Tobias started his musical journey learning from his dad, a professional musician who travelled the world. Josh, through his early 20’s writing his own music as well as working as a social worker for a home that housed mentally handicapped people. Josh has already released singles and the two of note is his single ‘Beachside Lover’, that had millions of plays and his acoustic sing ‘Summer Thing’ that was well received as well. 

Josh has now released his latest single called  ‘Like Yourself’. This tune is about a battle between him and his inner demons. ‘Like Yourself’ is very relatable as we all at some stage have this same battle. I was attracted by the catchy music and amazing vocals, then on the second listen I realised how meaningful the song was. I certainly have, like most people struggle with self esteem and self love at numerous times in my life. It is great to have a song that makes me feel that this is ok however actually liking yourself makes life better and a whole lot easier. 

Take a listen to ‘Like Yourself’ here. 


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